Steve Meredith for State Senate

Meet Steve Meredith

Senator Steve Meredith is a lifelong resident of Kentucky and is honored to currently represent the 5th District in Frankfort. He grew up in Leitchfield, having graduated from Leitchfield High School in 1971. Steve graduated from Western Kentucky University in 1975 with two Bachelor of Science degrees in Accounting and Business Administration. Steve went on to obtain his master’s degree in Healthcare Administration from the University of Minnesota.

Upon graduation, Steve dove head-first into the healthcare industry. He served as the chief executive officer of Twin Lakes Regional Medical Center in Grayson County for 30 years. All in all, Steve channels 40 years of healthcare experience into his position in the Senate. Instead of proposing band-aid fixes, Steve Meredith is committed to providing affordable, quality health care and ensuring tax dollars are spent and allocated wisely.

Working in healthcare administration, Steve had firsthand experience with the devastating effects of Obamacare. The Affordable Care Act has been highly detrimental for rural hospitals and rural health care providers. Thanks to Steve, Twin Lakes hospital was the first in the nation to cancel its membership in the American Hospital Association because of their support for Obamacare. Steve continues to fight for the hard-working people of Kentucky as he shakes up the status quo in Frankfort.

Steve has been a strong advocate for accountability in government spending. He is co-chairman of the General Assembly’s government contract review committee and has received praise for providing a critical perspective towards contract review. Steve also serves as Vice Chair of the Health & Welfare committee – a committee which handles funding issues for our local and regional healthcare systems. Steve is also a member of the following Senate session standing committees: Education, Transportation, Human Resources, Medicaid Oversight and Appropriations & Revenue.

In 2019, Steve was appointed to serve on the Alzheimer's and Dementia Workforce Assessment Task Force – a special caucus designed to study our state’s workforce needs and to discuss long-term care solutions for individuals diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or dementia. Steve also devotes time to the Louisville Metropolitan Caucus, Tennessee Valley Authority Caucus, Pro-Life Caucus, Kentucky Sportsmen's Caucus, and Western Kentucky Caucus.

Steve Meredith has been happily married to his wife, Karen, for over 40 years. They are blessed with two hard-working sons and enjoy spending time with their seven grandchildren.

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